Bannerman builds technology to make people safe. Today we provide same-day and security guards for offices. We believe everyone deserves to be safe and this is phase one of that goal. We have offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York City, and Paris and are growing rapidly to meet the demands of our clients.

Bannerman founders Antoine and Johnny shared a nonconventional fascination with safety and security. This was in large part due to their time spent living in unsafe cities around the world. One day, they came up with this crazy idea of pushing a button on the phone and having a security guard come to you when you felt unsafe. They joked that having this app could have prevented the film Taken from ever taking place.

While Antoine hacked a first version, Johnny hustled to meet as many people as possible and figure out if there was a business need for something like this. It turns out, many businesses appreciated a new way of scheduling and managing their security. Many of our initial clients were offices that had break-ins and were frustrated with the delays of working with traditional security companies.

Bannerman is live on the West Coast and protects thousands of people every day.